30+ yrs. exp. grower seeking serious invester

30+ yrs. exp. grower seeking serious invester

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  • Posted: Thu, Feb. 16
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    Hi, I am a 44 year old man that has been involved in growing marijauna my whole life.
    I can honestly say that i can remember being around plants since I was 3 yrs old.
    I grew back east in New England my mom had RSD and i made sure that she had the best of the best DNA that i found through research, forums, and word of mouth.
    Well my mom has passed away and i am now in the Sacramento area, around my father (being the oldest child) and have decided to get serious and use my love for growing marijauna because of all the recent changes in the law.
    I am looking for a serious invester to be full partner in a grow, I am willing to make, design, maintain, a hydroponic grow,
    I am capable of completly maintaining a full SOG garden under a weekly scedule.( after 90 days )
    once the first cycle is complete the scedule maintains its self.
    I am a honest and reasonable guy, that is open to all new ideas so dont ever hold back if a light bulb suddenly appears over your head.
    I am also not lazy and just lookng for someone to buy everything. I am willing to build everything to suite our need and obviously save money,
    I am very good with my hands and can build, maintain, upgrade, improvise, design, engineer, anything that we would ever need.
    I am constantly researching, keeping myself up to date on new lighting technology, nutrient solutions, timers, equipment,, and pretty much anything i run across including but not limited to stains!
    So if you have the ability to finance a idea i have and so far you can see and feel the love that i have for marijuana.
    And if i just guenuenly sparked your curiosity. we should meet for COFFEE because i believe that between your investment of no more than 20 grand and my knowlege and love we should not have any problems becoming multi millionarres in 2 years.
    So please dont hesitate to contact me My name is Christian and you can email me @ dillz419@gmail.com I look forward to your letters of interest
    Listed by: dillz419

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