Mad Hatter Nutrients for better optimum Cannabis crop growth

Mad Hatter Nutrients for better optimum Cannabis crop growth

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    Calling all bud Growers! We offer integrated plant growth nutrient products which is a result of years of research and development in the field of weed. Our soils and nutrients optimize vegetative, flower and bud formation of specific plants at each stage and yield maximum returns.
    Try Mad Hatter fertilizers for high quality buds. For maximum results follow our “M-H Growing Program”
    Mad Hatter Nutrients Flower Power for better Bud Growth - $15 (quantity-22.71 oz)
    • Flower Power is highly beneficial to soil microbes and fungi responsible for nutrients breakdown and to make them available for the plant.
    • It also contains proprietary L-Amino 18 complex supplement helps prevent nutrient loss, increases plant stress tolerance, and provides important proteins for photosynthesis and much more.
    Mad Hatter Nutrients Root Rinse Optimum Cannabis Crop Growth - $35 (quantity -22.71 oz)
    • Root Rinse for Cannabis roots and soil bath. Essential for optimum Cannabis crop growth.
    • Essential for 77 days MH High Intensity Integrated Cannabis Grow Program.
    Mad Hatter Nutrients Bud X - $35 (quantity -22.71 oz)
    • Mad Hatter Bud X is a 100% total Natural Organic Concentrate
    • Applicable to Broad Spectrum Insecticide and Mitecide
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    Phone: - +61 383 766 284
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    Location: - California, Los Angeles 90002
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