Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor Units available!!

Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor Units available!!
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Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor Units available!!
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    Phone: 651-964-0379

  • Posted: Wed, Mar. 30
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    We are wholesale and MN brokers, do not ask for too many questions, put a lower order like an ($260 OZ) to gain trust. We are not like any other seller asking for too much, try our stuff first before placing larger order, What more can we ask than just for you to text us lets talk before rolling.
    My dear big homies, you can text directly at ,(651) 964-0379 EMAIL : If we don’t response please leave a text …
    We got new favorites kush, very potent,great smelling strain,the smoke has a great sweet taste to match The high level of enjoyable and uplifting,focused feeling and Happiness our strains gives Energetic,Euphoric,Creativity,deep thinking and good time with friends!!! Great daytime strain.
    Our Motto: We prefer a few serious clients to work with.
    We’re not cops or law enforcement officers.
    If you are broke and want to do business then don’t have cash to start with an oz , Please pass us by because i don’t want to hear that please front me and i will pay back once it arrived..
    1 – Grand Daddy Purple ($2500)
    5 – Sour Diesel ($2500)
    8- TAHOE OG KUSH ($2500)per oz
    1 – XXX OG ($260)
    1 – Sour Diesel ($260)
    1 – TAHOE OG KUSH ($260)
    per QP
    1 – Straweberry Cough ($750)
    1 – Bubba Kush ($ 750)
    1 – King Louis OG KUSH ($750 )
    1- Gorilla Glue ($750)
    All strains are both in 60% Indica 40% Sativa *Potency (THC82-87%/THC:15-20%)
    *Grade:A++-THC: 15-20%,
    *Flowering Time:9-10 weeks,Yield:
    9-10 weeks flowering time.
    Genetics: 100% Indica
    THC Level: 15% -20%
    Genetics: 20% Sativa/80% Indica & Hybrid
    THC Level: 20% -27%
    Grow: Indoor, Hydro..
    Available strains and prices text (651) 964-0379 email
    Cherry Pie – (indica) ** Medicinal value includes relief from stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia.
    Available Grade A
    Pre98 Bubba Kush – (indica) ** Medicinal value includes relief from pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and muscle spasms.
    Available Grade A & Grade B
    Purple Blue Dream (Purple Kush x Blue Dream) – (60s/40i) very smooth, calming fruity aroma, about 1 hr to a 1.5 hour of sativa up, final hour is slow down, energetic and euphoric but not too much head, experience your creative mind! ** Medicinal value includes relief from stress, chronic pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and insomnia.
    Available Grade A
    All strains are with a Beautiful dense, frosty nugs with a loud nose with strong smell, It’s Grown by professionals with care. Flushed properly and trimmed tight. Very potent and delicious!
    ……..We deliver to East cost no BS guys .
    Must not be Prop 215/SB 420 compliant with current dr rec and state I.D. Also let me know if you are not Prop215/SB420 before time .
    We are producers and suppliers of best and highest quality Meds and other related product
    Our prices include discreet overnight shipping and discreet special home delivery services. Our prices are negotiated depending on your order and your state as well..
    For everyone concerned, pass us by if that’s what you’re thinking. ideally we’d like to develop a relationship with 1 or 2 people for a long term situation. prefer older mature people who conduct themselves as professionals… friends we do business with. no kids, no gangstas , No bs . We are strictly and our buyers privacy is our pride
    Listed by: bernadekushman420

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